Wholesale Advanced Antique Violin for Advanced Players—-Beijing Melody YVA-600

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Antique Violin Collection

● Sizes available 1/32-4/4
● Suitable for advanced and intermediate players.
● Wood is naturally aged for over 15 years.
● spirit oil varnish with antiquing
● Using ebony for the fingerboard and pegs.
● The tailpiece is made of carbon fiber plate with four tuners.
● Complete 4 Adjusters Tailpiece.
● 100% handmade
● Nylon string shows excellent sound quality.

yva-600# 2-2

100% handmade Antique violin by master luthier that is more suited for advanced players. For intermediate players who want to make strides in their skills, it is also a good choice.
With unique spirit oil varnish, YVA-600 violin looks just like vintage violin. Its first-class quality materials make the sound quality impeccable. As our craftsmen adhere to the spirits of rigor and excellence, we assure you every piece of our work is among the best.

Good wood may not make a good violin, but bad wood definitely cannot make a good one, so the selection of materials is the first and most crucial step. When selecting materials, we must use naturally dried wood with a long time of age, and the wood should be uniform, so as to ensure the sound quality of the instrument is superior.
In this process, we carefully select high-quality wood, using those with 3-20 years of natural drying to make panels and backboards. For YVA-600, the wood is naturally aged for over 15 years.
The wholesale price of our advanced violin is way cheaper than that of other manufacturers, but we also provide the best quality and best service in accordance with our principle to put value and service in the first place.

yva-600# 1-1
Top Plate Spruce,Well done purfling(inlaid)
Back Plate and Rib Maple wood
Scroll Maple wood
Neck Maple wood
Varnish Hand applied spirit varnish
Size 1/32-4/4
Fingerboard Ebony
Tailpiece Carbon fiber plate with four tuners
Tuner Metal
Peg Ebony
String Nylon string
Sound quality Excellent
Pattern Even annual rings; smooth, distinctive backstrip

We can also provide OEM service in light of your requirements or samples. And we have full experience on that!

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