How to protect our violins in daily life! [Part 2]

6. Do not put the instrument in the trunk
Stories have been heard of tragedies of putting instruments in the trunk because of overheating, and I have also heard of car accidents where the instruments were broken because of the direct impact on the back.

7. Do not put the instrument on the floor
In case a sudden flood at home would turn a musical instrument placed on the ground into a “soaking instrument”.

8. Use neck straps at all times
Many cases have straps or devil's felt around the neck to hold them in place. This is a good idea because it can effectively reduce injuries if the case is accidentally dropped or hit.

9. The concept of shipping and consignment
If you have to take it on a plane as carry-on luggage or send it overseas for repair, please remember to loosen the strings, remove the bridge, and fix the small parts that will wear out the instrument.

10. Check the case straps regularly
There are many cases of damage caused by loose case straps, sometimes the hooks between the case and the strap are damaged or run out of position.

In Beijing Melody, every of our finished instruments are well protected and stocked in our warehouse. The climates of different countries and regions where we sent our instruments to vary, so the wood of the instruments may change a little bit because of different humidity and temperature. Therefore, we will fine-tune every violin before effect shipment. Your specific demands are welcomed and we will try our best to make you satisfied.
In the process of packaging, we will make sure that every of our products is carefully protected in cartons or cases. We are very experienced in packaging, so you are assured that you will receive the goods in good condition.

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