How to protect our violins in daily life! [Part 1]

1. Use the back of the violin when placing it on the table
If you need to put your violin on the table, the back of the violin should be placed downwards. Most people know this concept, but those who need to pay special attention to this matter should be children learners.

2. The correct direction to carry the case
Whether you carry your instrument over your shoulder or by hand, you should always carry it with the back of the case to the inside, i.e. with the bottom of the case facing inward and the lid facing outward.

3. Adjust the bridge regularly
The bridge will gradually tilt forward due to frequent tuning. This can cause the bridge to fall down and crush the top or deform the bridge, so you need to check it regularly and adjust it to the correct position.

4. Pay attention to humidity and dryness
Depending on the country and region, a humid environment requires a dehumidifier on a regular basis, while a dry environment requires a humidification tube if necessary to maintain the health of the violin wood. Personally, we don't recommend putting the instrument in a moisture-proof box for a long time. If your environment is only dry in the moisture-proof box, and suddenly the environment is relatively humid after taking out the box, the instrument is not very good, so it is recommended that dehumidification is better in a wide range.

5. Pay attention to the temperature
Do not let your instrument in too hot or too cold environment both will cause damage to the instrument. You could use a professional case cold cover to avoid coldness and find ways to avoid places that are too hot.

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Post time: Oct-27-2022